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I am blessed with the gift of second sight, which is the ability to see and feel beyond the physical senses.

This means that I receive visual images and other supersensory information during the sessions.  This is not part of the Quantum-Touch® method but is a valuable added dimension to your experience working with me.

I interface Quantum-Touch® with my gift of second sight to create a unique and richly supportive experience for my clients that I call The Energy Healing Experience.

The extrasensory feedback can generally come to me as storylines, metaphors, images, colors, feelings, and messages. I share what is relevant after the session has concluded and I leave it up to you to interpret the feedback and to recognize what this information means for you.

In my experience, my clients find this part to be extremely resonant, absolutely fascinating, sometimes humorous or unusual, and very enriching.  It serves to anchor in the energy work in a deeper and more fully integrated way.

I will also provide you with the feedback document where I write all the information I receive during the session.  This is especially helpful for those who select video or telephone format for which there is otherwise no written record of the session.

The Energy Healing Experience is available in session lengths of 60 to 120 minutes, where the last 30 minutes is diving into the second sight feedback.

To book this experience, simply click the BOOK NOW button and select The Energy Healing Experience of your desired duration.  I am so excited to share this exceptional offering with you!

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