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I attract clients that desire to feel amazing, healthy, lit up, ablaze with life force, intensely radiant, and powerfully themselves.  My clients come to me with physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns that they want to find relief from.

My clients are open, ready, and have a playful taste for adventure in their souls.  They want to feel better and they want to feel good!

I offer two types of healing sessions that can be done either in person or via distance.  One is straight Quantum-Touch® energy healing, where I use the Quantum-Touch techniques to help facilitate a healing high-vibrational environment for your energy to calibrate to.  The other type of session starts with Quantum-Touch and then has an added component where I share with you the clairvoyant feedback I receive from the energetic realm during the session.  I call this second type of session The Energy Healing Experience. 

If you feel called to work with me, I encourage you to heed the call.  Respecting and celebrating your intuition is a key step towards happiness, healing, and wellbeing.

My clients tend to start feeling lit up right after booking because the process is already engaged and their energetic body understands the intention that has been set.  This is powerful work!

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Online sessions take place either via video (Zoom/Messenger), writing only (Messenger/text), or telephone. 

When booking, you are prompted to select the preferred method for your experience.  Prior to the session, I will also ask you what you would like to work on. It can be a physical issue, emotional concern, behavioral pattern, even a circumstance in your life.  You do not have to share personal details.  You can also choose to do a generalized session as well.

As the recipient, you simply sit or lay down comfortably and without distraction during the session. 

As the certified practitioner, I call upon various body awareness, breathing, and vocal techniques to harness and send life force energy to stimulate and remind your body of its natural ability to heal itself.  You may experience some sensations like heat or tingling or random thoughts/emotions.

The energy work takes up to 72 hours to integrate.

You can also request that the work be done while you are doing something else for which you desire extra energetic support (surgery, asking for a raise, travel, etc.).

Sessions last 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. 

In-person sessions are available as well if you are in the Sosúa area (Dominican Republic).  I travel to the client's location.  An in-person includes very light touch.  If the client prefers, I can also use the 'hands hovering' method where my hands are close to the body but not touching.

For sessions that include Second Sight Feedback, I share the feedback after the Quantum-Touch portion and also include the feedback notes so that the client can refer back to the clairvoyant information after the session as well.

Watch me chat live about Quantum-Touch energy healing in the interview video below!

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