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I am Renée, certified quantum energy healing practitioner and founder of Oceanica: where all healing is self-healing.

I have been a passionate self-directed explorer of the frontiers of my mind, body, and soul for as long as I can remember and an enthusiastic advocate of self-healing.

I love feeling vibrant, healthy, and happy.

I am an adept quantum energy healing practitioner using Quantum-Touch® combined with the gift of second sight. 

I implement these powerful skills to support my clients all over the world in finding relief from physical and emotional issues, in rediscovering their vibrant life-force energy, and in taking full responsibility

for their own health, healing, and happiness.

Following their sessions with me, clients have reported relief from pain, improved sleep, deep relaxation, emotional release, boosted energy, clarity of mind, reduced anxiety, inexplicable optimism,

and an overall sense of joyful well-being.

Join me in the exciting exploration of the powerful and self-empowering world of quantum energy healing. 

I am delighted to work with you!

Much love,




I attract clients that desire to feel amazing, lit up, ablaze with life force, intensely radiant, and powerfully themselves. 

My clients are open, ready, and have a playful taste for adventure in their souls.  They lead themselves to wellbeing, happiness, and radical authenticity.  They want to feel good.

You can read about the details of the sessions and my processes below but the most important thing to understand is that energy work can be life-changing and that miracles happen.

I offer Quantum-Touch® sessions and also offer sessions I call The Energy Healing Experience which includes Quantum-Touch® as well as in-depth second sight feedback that anchors in the energy work and is fascinating in and of itself.  

If you feel called to work with me, heed the call.  Respecting and celebrating your intuition is a key step towards happiness and wellbeing.  My clients tend to start feeling lit up right after booking because the process is already engaged and their energetic body understands the intention that has been set.  This is powerful work.

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Quantum-Touch® is a powerful modality that uses life-force energy to support the body's innate ability to heal itself emotionally and physically. The recipient is considered the 'healer' and the practitioner is the healing facilitator.

This method is gentle, simple, non-invasive, and can yield astonishing results.  Quantum-Touch® can be done in-person or via distance.

In coming to me for a session, my clients are expressing an openness and a willingness towards self-healing and self-empowerment in every aspect of their lives.

I am currently offering Quantum-Touch® sessions online and in-person person from 30 minutes to 120 minutes each.  

Click the BOOK NOW button to reserve your session and to say YES to activate your capacity for self-healing.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”. Albert Szent-Gyorgi

To learn more about Quantum-Touch®, visit the founding site at www.quantumtouch.com

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Online sessions take place either via video (Zoom/Messenger), writing only (Messenger/text), or telephone. 

When booking, you are prompted to select the preferred method for your experience.  Prior to the session, I will also ask you what you would like to work on. It can be a physical issue, emotional concern, behavioral pattern, even a circumstance in your life.  You do not have to share personal details.  You can also choose to do a generalized session as well.

As the recipient, you simply sit or lay down comfortably and without distraction during the session. 

As the certified practitioner, I call upon various body awareness, breathing, and vocal techniques to harness and send life force energy to stimulate and remind your body of its natural ability to heal itself.  You may experience some sensations like heat or tingling or random thoughts/emotions.

The energy work takes up to 72 hours to integrate.

You can also request that the work be done while you are doing something else for which you desire extra energetic support (surgery, asking for a raise, travel, etc.).

Sessions last 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. 

In-person sessions are available as well if you are in the Sosúa area (Dominican Republic).

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I am also blessed with the gift of second sight, which is the ability to see and feel beyond the physical senses.

This means that I receive visual images and other supersensory information during the sessions.  This is not part of the Quantum-Touch® method but is a valuable added dimension to your experience working with me.  I interface Quantum-Touch® with my gift of second sight to create a unique and richly supportive experience for my clients that I call The Energy Healing Experience.

The extrasensory feedback can generally come to me as storylines, metaphors, images, colors, feelings, and messages. I share what is relevant after the session has concluded and I leave it up to you to interpret the feedback and to recognize what this information means for you.

In my experience, my clients find this part to be extremely resonant, absolutely fascinating, sometimes humorous or unusual, and very enriching.  It serves to anchor in the energy work in a deeper and more fully integrated way.

I will also provide you with the feedback document where I write all the information I receive during the session.  This is especially helpful for those who select video or telephone format for which there is otherwise no written record of the session.

The Energy Healing Experience is available in session lengths of 60 to 120 minutes, where the last 30 minutes is diving into the second sight feedback.

To book this experience, simply click the BOOK NOW button and select The Energy Healing Experience of your desired duration.  I am so excited to share this exceptional offering with you!

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Experience quantum energy healing sessions with me from anywhere in the world!

I love working with clients all over the globe.  The booking system allows for easy conversion of time zones and I offer a flexible calendar with a variety of time slot options.

Life force energy travels instantly through space and time allowing for powerful experiences from the comfort of your home.  It is truly mind-blowing.

NOTE: For those who have previously booked with me, kindly note that I have adjusted some session lengths to account for the second sight feedback part. So if you previously purchased a 30-minute that included second sight feedback afterwards, it is now shown as a 60 minute session to account for 30 minutes of Quantum-Touch® and 30 minutes of second sight feedback, for a total session time of one hour start to finish. Thanks!​

Please see the booking page for current pricing.

All prices are in USD.  Payments also accepted in Canadian dollars, at the current exchange rate.

Payment methods include cash, etransfer (for Canadians only), credit card, and Paypal.

NEW! Now offering bundles.  Save and treat yourself at the same time.

Click the BOOK NOW button to find the best option for you.

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'I was suffering neck pain and headaches for a long time. Due to that I barely slept and my energy and happiness in life were pretty much gone. Renée gave me a session of quantum touch from distance and that was such an amazing experience! At the beginning there was nothing, but then suddenly my whole head became fuzzy and weird for a while. Then after a few moments I literally got hit by an explosion of energy in my head and neck that went down. It felt like a tornado going true my body. Renée told me there was something in my neck, blocking the energy. That night I slept like never before and the neck pain and headaches were totally gone, almost if they never existed.'

Priscilla E.

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'I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with Renee. Her energy is so loving, gentle and compassionate. She is so so intuitive. After the session, she could detect and heal a deeply rooted emotional issue that was the real cause of my problem. I was shocked that she could get such a deep insight. In the following few days I felt more clarity and empowerment and I could see the steps I need to take to change.'

Naj M.

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'Renee is an amazing healer! Her energy is strong and healing. She has worked on me from adjusting my hips, clearing my foggy head, removing pain from my back as well as getting the energy to flow freely through me. Each time Renee has worked on me I feel the energy moving within me. She is also very kind and caring. I highly recommend Renee.'

Tina K.

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'I had a lovely distance healing session with Renée. Communicating with her was easy and she was caring and friendly throughout. The insights she had into my physical issues about the emotional/spiritual causes really resonated with me. I had some physical sensations of energy moving during the session and overall felt very relaxed by the end. Thank you.'

Monica M.

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'I didn't even realize what high levels of ambient pain I was experiencing this week until today.  Before we started this morning, I had all the ear markers of having another painful day and yet after our session I am completely pain-free!'

Emily L.

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'I have had two sessions with Renee, and both wonderful! Renee does a beautiful job of preparing herself and her client. The time and care she gives to her work is very obvious. At the end, there was a good amount of feedback. I highly recommend this experience! Thank you, Renee!'

Cheryl D.

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'I had my first quantum healing session ever and I was so pleasantly surprised with the results. Renée was amazing! I didn't know what to expect but by the end of our session I was left speechless. I felt the warmth of the healing as soon as she started but she focused on my back and the results lasted about a week. It was truly a blessing and I was very grateful to have her work on me. I would definitely recommend.'

Amy A.

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'Recently I experienced my first Quantum Touch session with Renée and it certainly far exceeded my expectations. Renee is a sincere, professional and supportive person and these qualities come shining through when you have a session with her! After my session I felt very calm, rested along with a sense of well being. Since my session, I enjoy a noticeable increase in my energy levels and I look forward to booking another appointment with Renée.'

Catherine M.

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'I'm so grateful I took the leap when Renée offered to send energy to the achiness in my heart and chest! The Quantum Touch Energy she sent was so helpful and I ended up feeling 100% better 3 days after the distant session she offered.'

Shelly L.

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'Renée has been doing energy work with me for several months.  She has been the conduit to so much peace and wellbeing for me.  I love that after a session, we share with each other our experience of it.  It helps me to learn and encourages me to research.  I feel better mentally, physically and emotionally.  I'm really enjoying the whole shift so much.  Thank you Renée.'

Tina N.

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